hinmans atlas of urologic surgery

stuart s. howards


depend on hinman's for up-to-date, authoritative guidance covering the entire scope of urologic surgery. regarded as the most authoritative surgical atlas in the field, hinman's atlas of urologic surgery, 4th edition, by drs. joseph a. smith, jr., stuart s. howards, glenn m. preminger, and roger r. dmochowski, provides highly illustrated, step-by-step guidance on minimally invasive and open surgical procedures, new surgical systems and equipment, and laparoscopic and robotic techniques. new chapters keep you up to date, and all-new commentaries provide additional insight from expert surgeons.show more

renal cell carcinoma 2017 molecular features and treatment updates

mototsugu oya


this book provides a comprehensive review of diagnosis and treatments of renal cell carcinoma (rcc) for practitioners and researchers with an interest in this disease. a major aim of the book is to present the most important and most recent advances in molecular bases and targeted therapy for this neoplasm. the remarkable resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy and the minimum contribution of cancer genes that commonly mutate in other adult epithelial cancers have made rcc highly distinct from other types of solid neoplasms. in the past decade, however, treatment options for rcc have been expanding and moving quickly toward laboratory-based and molecular-targeted therapies. advances in rcc therapy also have brought novel treatment options to other types of cancer, such as a tki for hepatocellular carcinoma and gastrointestinal tumors, as well as mtor inhibitors to progressive neuroendocrine tumors of pancreatic origin and to breast cancer, suggesting that rcc is no longer an "orphan disease" in the field of molecular oncology.
additional topics covered in the book include pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in molecular-targeted agents and the putative mechanism of resistance to anti-angiogenic agents, such as intratumoral heterogeneity or cancer stem cell population. this volume provides the latest and most useful information for all readers who are eagerly devoted to curing renal cell carcinoma.show more

imaging and focal therapy of early prostate cancer

thomas j. polascik


this text encompass an up-to-date, comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art for gland preserving therapies. fully updated and revised, this text evaluates the scientific evidence for the evolving trend to treat intermediate risk, clinically localized prostate cancer in a focally ablative manner with novel gland-preserving, focal therapy methods. various ablative devices such as high intensity focused ultrasound, irreversible electroporation, photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and laser ablation, among others, is discussed in regard to their strengths and limitations as a therapeutic modality. emphasis is placed on patient selection and outcomes utilizing both advanced imaging techniques and pathologic evaluation. current and new approaches to image cancer foci within the prostate (multiparametric ultrasonography, multiparametric magnetic resonance image, etc) are presented along with various biopsy techniques, including robotics to map prostate cancer.
patient selection based on imaging and genomic classification, adjuvants to enhance therapy, treatment strategy, outcomes and patient centered concerns is discussed, providing an acceptable balance between cancer control and improved quality of life for patients. written by experts in the field and lavishly illustrated with detailed line-art and photographs, imaging and focal therapy of early prostate cancer, second edition is designed as a comprehensive resource for urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, uropathologists, molecular biologists, biomedical engineers, other clinicians — residents, fellows, nurses and allied professionals — and researchers with an interest in the diagnosis and novel treatment of prostate cancer. it will provide insight into the latest research and clinical applications of image-guided diagnosis and minimally invasive focal, gland-preserving treatment for prostate cancer.show more

congenital anomalies of the penis

mohamed fahmy


this book provides comprehensive but concise data for congenital diseases of the penis, explaining the embryological and anatomical background, incidence, historical background, investigation approaches, imaging and management of each condition. the book is organised in themed parts, starting from embryology and normal anatomy and examining anomalies for each anatomical part: prepuce, penis, urinary meatus, penile urethra with a final part of acquired penile diseases with congenital background. with clear illustrations in each chapter to explain each condition in detail, online animations for the difficult and complex cases are also provided. practitioners in the field of pediatric urology and surgery will find this highly readable book particularly valuable. the author is a pioneer pediatric surgeon with over 30 years' experience in the field of genitourinary anomalies.show more

cancer intimacy and sexuality a practical approach

yacov reisman


this book provides a wide-ranging overview of the sexual consequences of cancer and its treatment with the aim of equipping physicians and other health care providers with the awareness and knowledge required in order to offer patients effective treatment. while sexuality may not be the primary focus for cancer patients, at some point, whether because of sexual changes or relationship issues, many patients come to acknowledge the effects that cancer and its treatment have had on their sexuality. although the impacts are frequently similar, significant variation is observed. some patients experience changes in all phases of sexual response, while others experience none; moreover, the consequences of the effects may be felt differently by patients and partners. unfortunately, many physicians and health care providers remain insufficiently aware of the impact of cancer on sexuality and/or lack knowledge about the concerns of patients and the available treatments and coping strategies. a further issue is the reticence of physicians to discuss sexuality and the fear of sexologists to talk to patients about cancer.
readers will find this book to be a rich source of help in overcoming these constraints and delivering suitable care to patients.show more

management of prostate cancer 2017 a multidisciplinary approach

michel bolla


this book, now in an extensively revised second edition, provides an exhaustive review of the state of the art in the management of prostate cancer, from screening to treatment, with emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach. the editors are very excited about the outstanding new or updated contributions from the different expert authors. the opening chapters address basic aspects including epidemiology, pathology, biology, genetics, and chemoprevention. the role of individual and mass screening is carefully appraised, and extensive attention is devoted to diagnosis and clinical work-up by means of recently implemented investigations such as multiparametric mri and choline pet-ct. the use of active surveillance is examined in detail. subsequent chapters discuss the different therapies that may be employed: open and minimally invasive, including robot-assisted, radical prostatectomy, the various forms of radiation treatment, high-intensity focused ultrasound, cryotherapy, hormonal manipulations, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and immunotherapy.
up-to-date results from practice-changing phase iii randomized clinical trials are included and special insights are provided into the interpretation of results and the patient's perspective.show more

interpretation of basic and advanced urodynamics

farzeen firoozi


this book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art review of this evaluation of voiding disorders and will serve as a valuable resource for clinicians and surgeons. the book reviews the basic indications for urodynamics as well as the interpretation of basic and advanced studies with the use of clinical vignettes. in addition to step-by-step description in text, the textbook provides illustrations/photographs and tracings of different urodynamics scenarios. this atlas of urodynamics will serve as an extremely useful resource for physicians dealing with and interested in the evaluation of pelvic floor disorders and voiding dysfunction. it will provide a concise and comprehensive review of all the different types of urodynamics scenarios, while instructing its readers on how to accurately and consistently interpret these studies. all chapters are written by experts in the fields of pelvic floor disorders and voiding dysfunction.show more

practical urological ultrasound 2

pat f. fulgham


this book on urologic ultrasound has proven to be beneficial to urologists in training and currently in practice, and is structured by organ system for the practice of urology in the outpatient/office setting. the second edition expands on current techniques and procedures, includes ultrasound images, and gives new information on the use of ultrasound for the diagnosis and management of male reproductive conditions. the updated edition also discusses ultrasound in the intraoperative setting, chapters on male reproduction, ultrasound protocols, and standards for urologic practices performing ultrasound. bolstered with detailed illustrations and contributions from experts in the field, practical urologic ultrasound, second edition is an authoritative and practical reference for all urologists worldwide in their mission to provide excellence in patient care.show more

practical tips in urology 2017

abhay rane


practical tips in urology is a compact, illustrated reference which provides the reader with practical tips and advice in managing day-to-day urological issues encountered in a clinical setting. this book draws on practical experience and offers useful information that is often lacking in didactic textbooks of urology and in journal articles. practical tips in urology provides tips in dealing with urological emergencies, elective surgery and common outpatient consultation problems, among other things. written by experts in the field, practical tips in urology is key reading for all practicing urologists and residents in training.show more

urodynamics 2017 a quick pocket guide

giancarlo vignoli


this pocket guide is an easy-to-use, practically oriented resource that provides reliable information and advice on the technical aspects of urodynamic techniques, the interpretation of tracings, quality control, and the most common pitfalls. individual sections focus on uroflowmetry, multichannel urodynamics, interpretation of pressure/flow tracings, urethral function studies, pelvic floor electromyography, videourodynamics, and urodynamics of the upper urinary tract. despite recent criticisms, there is general agreement that urodynamic investigation represents a necessary step before any surgical approach to incontinence and obstruction. nevertheless, recently published guidelines fail to provide specific directions on performance and interpretation of urodynamics, and knowledge of the basic rules and formal urodynamics training are too often lacking. readers will find that this guide enables them to retrieve key information quickly and to feel more confident in their practice of urodynamics.show more

urinary continence and sexual function after robotic radical prostatectomy 2016

sanjay razdan


this text focuses exclusively on the anatomical, physiological, pathological, and technical aspects of post robotic prostatectomy urinary continence and erectile function. it provides a comprehensive insight into the mechanisms responsible for maintaining urinary continence and erectile function and elucidates the key concepts and techniques utilized to achieve early return of urinary continence and erectile function after robotic radical prostatectomy. surgical techniques with pre and post-operative interventions known to improve urinary and sexual function are integrated. a step- by- step "evidence- based" description of surgical techniques utilized in achieving the goals of urinary continence and erectile function are the hallmark of this book.
a state-of-the art exhaustive review of "tips and tricks" utilized to achieve the trifecta of cancer control, urinary continence and erectile function in different clinical scenarios like large prostates, post turp, and salvage robotic prostatectomies complete the text and make it the most exclusive resource available for both the expert and the novice robotic surgeon looking to improve patient outcomes after robotic radical prostatectomy. all chapters are written by world renowned experts in their fields and include extensive illustrations and videos to make this the most interactive and visually appealing text available.show more

underactive bladder

christopher r. chapple


the field of underactive bladder is a poorly recognised yet important clinical condition, affecting up to a third of patients over 65. in this book, the authors look at the field of underactive bladder and its presentation, clinical diagnosis, potential etiopathogenesis and treatment. while the editors address a great deal of background information, they clearly identify that many limitations still exist to clinical diagnosis and urodynamic evaluation, and in particular a dearth of appropriate treatment options. this complex condition needs to be recognized and identified in the routine evaluation and clinical management of patients.show more

robot assisted radical prostatectomy 2016 beyond the learning curve

john w. davis


this book addresses knowledge gaps in rarp in 3 key sections: 1) step-by-step approach including multiple technique options and innovations, 2) patient selection, safety, outcomes, and 3) preparing the patient for surgery. the order is more based upon knowledge priority rather than a chronologic sequence in which part 3 would go first. part two allows more summary and commentary on evidence and part three allows some creative content that is otherwise hard to find in one place-medical evaluations, imaging, clinical trials, patient education, etc. this textbook emphasizes content for the advanced skills surgeon in that multiple techniques are presented as well as state of the art evidence. the learning curve is addressed and the authors clarify how this text is useful for learners. the caveat is that they should be careful in patient selection and stick with what their mentors are showing them. with experience, they can then branch out into the many techniques presented here.
robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: beyond the learning curve will also have cross-over appeal for surgical assistants, physician assistants, nurses, and anyone else involved in the surgical care of prostate cancer.show more

primer of geriatric urology 2016

thomas j. guzzo


the field of geriatric urology continues to evolve and expand since the publication of the first edition of this book. the second edition of this book builds upon the previous addition and provides an introductory overview of the demographics of our aging population and their unique needs. it also provides an in depth review of urologic conditions and their treatment in the elderly patient population. the second edition also includes new and updated information with regard to management of the geriatric urology patient. chapters were written by members of the faculty of the university of pennsylvania. each faculty member included has specific areas of expertise related to their topics. primer of geriatric urology, second edition will be of interest to urologists, residents, fellows and allied health professionals including physician's assistants and nurse practitioners who treat urologic patients. additionally, this book will also be of interest to primary care providers treating elderly patients.show more

penile cancer 2017 diagnosis and treatment

philippe e. spiess


this fully updated and revised second edition address specifically some of the significant advances made in our understanding of the pathophysiology of penile cancer including discussion of the suspected role of the human papilloma virus in penile carcinogenesis. similarly, the molecular pathways implicated in precancerous and penile cancer will be discussed as these are the present targets of novel therapeutic approaches to this disease. the text details the recent national and international diagnostic and treatment guidelines that have been developed by both the national comprehensive cancer network(c) and the european urological association establishing evidence based standards upon which the care of penile cancer should be based. the text also covers significant advances made in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to both primary tumors and inguinal nodal metastases resulting from penile cancer such as penile sparing surgery and minimally invasive inguinal lymph node surgery.
the text will similarly highlights the improvement in cancer specific outcome in the management of loco-regionally advanced (n2/3) penile cancer managed by upfront systemic chemotherapy followed by consolidative surgery in appropriately selected patients based on recent prospective phase ii data. it also covers the role of radiotherapy in the management of penile cancer for both primary tumors and/or at sites of regional or distant metastases. finally, some of the novel systemic approaches being devised in the management of advanced penile cancer along with some upcoming international trials soon to be opened which likely will re-define the present therapeutic approaches to penile cancer are discussed. the second edition of penile cancer: diagnosis and treatment will constitute a comprehensive review of the above mentioned subjects in addition to a few select topics of high clinical relevance, with the readership predominantly consisting of urologists, medical and surgical oncologists, and other healthcare professionals.show more

penile augmentation 2016

nam cheol park


this book presents state of the art knowledge on penile augmentation with a view to providing a guide that will be highly relevant to clinical practice. the coverage is wide ranging, with clear descriptions of penile anatomy, patient selection and counselling, preoperative preparation, girth enhancement and penile lengthening techniques, postoperative care, and the approach to the pediatric patient. experienced surgeons describe operative procedures from traditional fat transfer to the penile disassembly technique and reconstruction of the amputated penis, while the newest tissue engineering techniques are presented by leading researchers with reference to high-quality data. in addition, the role of auxiliary medical devices is explained. the text is supported by numerous full-color illustrations. only recently have the requisite medical skills and techniques been developed to allow safe and reliable penile augmentation, and now the procedure is considered comparable to the use of mammoplasty for breast augmentation in women for cosmetic and psychological reasons. penile augmentation will be of value for all who are involved or interested in the procedure.show more

managing metastatic prostate cancer in your urological oncology practice 2016

k. c. balaji


this text provides a comprehensive review of pathophysiology, molecular and cell biology aspects of crpc, discusses all major clinical trials that have led to approval of 6 new drugs since 2004, explores the role of bone preservation strategies, in depth analysis of combination and sequencing strategies, outlines upcoming novel drugs and trends in research, and stresses the role of palliative care in this incurable disease. managing metastatic prostate cancer in your urological oncology practice will serve as a very useful resource for physicians and researchers dealing with, and interested in prostate cancer. it provides a concise yet comprehensive summary of the current status of the field that will help guide patient management and stimulate investigative efforts. all chapters are written by experts in their fields and will include the most up to date scientific and clinical information.show more

male infertility 2016 a clinical approach

karthik gunasekaran


the book aims to bring into focus the current understanding of male reproduction and the pathological basis of failure to reproduce in men. infertility in men is a common disorder. however, attempts at scientific study of male infertility are of very recent origin. many questions about the physiology and pathophysiology of male reproduction are still not clear. the chapters are written by authorities in the field with great clinical experience. the primary focus would be on clinical perspective; however emphasis would also be placed on basic research and molecular biology.show more

functional urologic surgery in neurogenic and oncologic diseases 2016 role of advanced minimally invasive surgery

antonio carbone


this book offers a comprehensive guide to state-of-the-art techniques in functional urologic surgery that minimize functional damage to the urinary tract and are of particular value in patients with oncologic or neurogenic diseases. it describes the main minimally invasive surgical techniques currently available step by step, while also offering guidance on indications and how to select appropriate surgical devices to achieve specific oncological and functional outcomes. further, the book presents data from relevant case series, documenting the favorable functional and oncologic results achieved with these techniques and devices as well as the low associated morbidity and positive impacts on quality of life. lastly, it offers advice on preoperative assessment and postoperative care, and presents specific diagnostic algorithms of value in daily clinical practice. the contributing authors represent an international mix of respected experts carefully selected for their knowledge of the topics discussed.show more

descent of the testis 2016

john m. hutson


this book provides a state of the art overview of all aspects of testicular descent and cryptorchidism, including the mechanisms of descent and the causes, consequences, diagnosis, and treatment of undescended testis. the advances in understanding that have been achieved over the past two decades are clearly explained, covering the latest genetic information on the causes of normal and abnormal testicular descent, the role of insl3 in transabdominal migration, and the evidence that a neurotransmitter released from the genitofemoral nerve mediates androgenic control of inguinoscrotal descent. exciting changes in the management of both congenital and acquired cryptorchidism, such as the widespread use of laparoscopy for impalpable testes inside the abdominal cavity, are fully described. evidence for the benefits of orchidopexy within the first year of life is reviewed, and an individual chapter is also devoted to hormonal treatment. throughout the book due attention is given to ongoing controversies and divergences of opinion.
this new edition of descent of the testis will be a timely update and valuable reference for all who are involved in research into testicular descent and management of cryptorchidism.show more

cancer and fertility 2016

edmund s. sabanegh


this unique textbook is designed to provide a summary of state of the art developments in both male and female fertility and its association with cancer for both new and experienced practitioners. clear, concise and readable, the text allows the reader to obtain rapid answers to this challenging medical issue. special emphasis is placed on diagnostic and treatment algorithms. topics covered include demographics of cancer in the reproductive age male, fertility conditions which predispose to cancer development, the role of assisted reproduction for fertility management, as well as fertility preservation strategies for the male and female cancer patients. cancer and fertility will be of great value to general urologists, uro-oncologists, gynecologists, medical oncologists, obstetricians, primary care providers, allied health providers.show more

atlas of office based andrology procedures

john p. mulhall


this text provides a comprehensive resource and step-by-step guide to the office based procedures that would commonly occur in an andrology practice. the main purpose of the text is to serve as a "how-to" guide for urology providers and staff to help with either initial training or as a refresher prior to performing the procedures. written by experts in the field, each chapter begins with information on necessary equipment and shows a series of images (photos and illustrations) on key points during the procedure, including tips and tricks of the trade. atlas of office based andrology procedures provides a valuable resource for urologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in practice, residents and fellows in urological training, as well as nurses and medical assistants who help with these procedures.show more

andrological evaluation of male infertility 2016 a laboratory guide

ashok agarwal


this state-of-the-art laboratory manual includes 20 clinical protocols used daily for the investigation of the infertile male, presented with easy to understand, step-by-step methodology. the protocols are arranged from routine to advanced laboratory procedures common to clinical practice, including computer-assisted semen analysis, sperm preparation for iui by density gradient and swim-up, sperm cryopreservation, and sperm dna fragmentation test by tunel method, among others. the methodology in each protocol follows best practice guidelines made clearer by professionally hand-drawn illustrations covering most of the important steps and equipment. the authors, hailing from the world-renowned andrology center at cleveland clinic, have over 50 years of combined first-hand experience in managing very busy diagnostic and research facilities in male infertility and andrology. the book will be an indispensable resource for thousands of laboratory technologists, clinicians and reproductive professionals (andrologists, embryologist, etc.) engaged in the diagnosis and management of infertile men around the world.show more

an illustrated guide to pediatric urology 2017

ahmed h. al-salem


this book is vital for physicians caring for young patients with urological conditions, as a quick reference book that is easy to read and well-illustrated. pediatric urological conditions are fairly common, and infants and children are seen on daily basis with urological problems either in clinics or in hospitals. this book is useful to general surgeons, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, fellows, residents, general physicians and family physicians, medical students and nurses. the editor has gained experience in the diagnosis and management of various urological problems in infants and children, working in busy hospital over the last 25 years.show more

congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract 2016 clinical implications in children

amin j. barakat


this comprehensive, easy to read reference addresses the clinical implications of congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (cakut) in children. authored by a panel of internationally recognized pediatric nephrologists and urologists, chapters discuss clinical presentation, workup, interpretation of imaging studies, genetics, prenatal diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various anomalies to help the practitioner understand, diagnose and manage cakut. tables, figures, algorithms and an extensive appendix listing conditions and syndromes associated with cakut are featured to assist physicians in the differential diagnosis and workup of different conditions.show more

campbell walsh urology 11th edition review

w. scott mcdougal


following the same chapter structure as the authoritative campbell-walsh urology, 11th edition, this trusted review covers all the core material you need to know for board exam preparation and moc exams. drs. w. scott mcdougal, alan j. wein, louis r. kavoussi, alan w. partin, and craig a. peters provide more than 3,000 multiple-choice questions with detailed answers that help you master the most important elements in urology, while interactive questions, self-assessment tools, an extensive image bank, and more are available on expert consult.show more

atlas of laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery

jay t. bishoff


written by recognized experts in this fast-changing field, this highly practical text by drs. jay t. bishoff, louis r. kavoussi, and david a. leavitt has been completely revised and greatly expanded to cover what you need to know about today's laparoscopic and robotic technology and techniques. atlas of laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery is a concise, thorough, superbly illustrated reference, perfect for learning new techniques or briefly reviewing before a case. you'll be guided through today's best minimally invasive approaches using new surgical systems and equipment, including third- and fourth-generation robotic devices. more than three hours of video instruction, step-by-step illustrations, tips and tricks, and information on complications helps you sharpen your skills in this high-demand area.show more

prosthetic surgery in urology 2016

asif muneer

urologists interested in prosthesis surgery currently offer a range of procedures eg slings for incontinence in both men and women, and is also within the remit of those undertaking aus (artificial urinary sphincter) implantation, and likewise andrological surgeons undertaking penile prosthesis also offer aus. there are a number of procedures which are common to all urologists with a general urology practice eg ureteric stents and testicular implants. however, the purpose of this book is to cover this area of urological surgery and provide a reference book for those interested in expanding their practice.

prostatitis and its management 2016 concepts and recommendations for clinical practice

tommaso cai

this book provides comprehensive coverage of the current and emerging management of prostatitis, from diagnosis to therapy. it addresses all clinical aspects of the prostatitis syndrome and equips the reader with all the information needed to offer a tailored therapy. furthermore, clinical implications of the disease are analyzed and discussed, with particular attention to andrological complications (infertility) and the possible link between prostatitis and prostate cancer. special consideration is also given to contemporary aspects of prostatitis management relating to antibiotic stewardship and elevated psa, bearing in mind that thoughtless treatment of prostatitis represents malpractice and sometimes even a forensic issue. the final chapter comprising questions and answers will be valuable for quick consultation in everyday clinical practice. this book will be a truly practical guide for physicians involved in the diagnostic work-up and treatment of patients suspected of having prostatitis and will also serve as a ready source of information for all physicians who occasionally see prostatitis patients.

practical functional urology 2016

john heesakkers

functional urology is that part of urological practice which deals with functional disorders of the lower urinary tract. among the diseases that cause functional disorders are spina bifida, spinal cord injury, pelvic organ prolapse, and urethral strictures. this book on practical functional urology will help urologists, urogynecologists, and others to diagnose and treat these functional disorders. the theoretical background and scientific basis are summarized, but the emphasis is very much on clinical practice. diagnosis and treatment are presented for a variety of conditions, including overactive bladder, detrusor underactivity, painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary tract infections, and urethral disorders. the content is based on the eau guidelines, and for each disorder, helpful tips and tricks are highlighted.