sport and oral health a concise guide

jean-christophe egea


this book aims to explore the intricate interrelationship between oral health and sport, with the focus on highly popular team games, endurance sports, and explosive events. in order to understand the vulnerability of athletes of all levels of ability to oral health problems, relevant aspects of sports physiology and training are outlined, as are the predisposing behavioral, psychological, and physiological elements. specific sports-related oral risk factors are identified and detailed, and the dental conditions frequently observed in athletes are explained. the dental clinical reality of athletes reveals a wide spectrum of oral consequences, affecting both soft and hard tissues, that can adversely impact on training and competitiveness. principles of dental management are highlighted, and therapeutic solutions provided for the most common dental lesions. emphasis is placed on preventative measures and solutions adapted to the athlete's individual needs, as well as the importance of effective collaboration with a diverse team of professionals.the book will be of interest to dentists, health professionals, sports coaches, athletes, and teachers and students of dentistry and medical more

orthodontic biomechanics treatment of complex cases using clear aligner

tarek el-bialy

orthodontic biomechanics describes the mechanics behind the treatment of complex orthodontic cases using clear aligners. the volume explains a variety of complex malocclusions including increased teeth crowding, spacing, overjet, overbite, open bite, major jaw discrepancies, underbite and much more. simplified treatment planning methods based on thorough diagnoses have also been devised by the authors for the benefit of the readers. shortening orthodontic treatment time by careful diagnosis, planning based on understanding of orthodontic biomechanics is also discussed in addition to comparisons of jaw cases where surgery is more useful.

orthodontic biomechanics is a useful guide for the use of clear aligners in a wide array of cases encountered by orthodontists in their daily dental practice.

infection control and management of hazardous materials for the dental team

chris h. miller


emphasizing patient safety and disease prevention in the dental office, infection control and management of hazardous materials for the dental team, 6th edition, is a go-to text for all members of the dental team. with discussions ranging from microbiology concepts to protocols for clinical asepsis, this comprehensive, highly practical text features the most up-to-date regulatory recommendations, as well as new chapters on patient safety preparation and infection control breaches. step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to perform safety procedures and use the supplies and equipment needed to prevent the spread of infectious disease, and new case scenarios present opportunities for critical thinking and more

pharmacology and therapeutics for dentistry

frank j. dowd


gain a complete understanding of drugs affecting patient care! pharmacology and therapeutics for dentistry, 7th edition describes how to evaluate a patient's health and optimize dental treatment by factoring in the drugs they take. it explores the basic principles of pharmacology, the ways that drugs affect the body, and the potential for adverse drug interactions. developed by frank dowd, barton johnson, and angelo mariotti, with chapters from a team of expert contributors, this is the only book written by dental pharmacologists for the dental market. whether you're concerned about the drugs a patient is already taking or the drugs you prescribe for treatment, this book helps you reduce risk and provide effective dental more

evidence based decision making in dentistry multidisciplinary management of the natural dentition

eyal rosen


this clinically oriented book covers all aspects of the evidence-based decision making process in multidisciplinary management of the natural dentition. the book opens by clarifying the principles of evidence-based decision making and explaining how these principles should be applied in daily practice. individual chapters then focus specifically, and in detail, on endodontic, periodontal, and prosthetic considerations, identifying aspects that need to be integrated into decision making and treatment planning. evidence-based decision making with regard to preservation of the natural tooth versus extraction and implant placement is then discussed, and a concluding chapter examines likely future trends in dentistry and how they may affect clinical decision making. the authors include leading endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists. given the multidisciplinary and comprehensive nature of the book, it will be relevant and interesting to the entire dental more

tissue engineering and regeneration in dentistry current strategies

rachel j. waddington


tissue engineering and regeneration in dentistry: current strategies presents a thorough update on the current advances, methods and understanding in tissue engineering in dentistry. it offers invaluable tools, case studies, and methodologies for undertaking research, including important biological and practical considerations to facilitate successful migration of research from the bench to the clinic. * offers detailed coverage of the basic underlying principles and scientific evidence, and includes protocols to highlight practical applications * written by an internationally renowned team of expert contributors * a must-have read for researchers and specialist clinicians in tissue engineering, oral biology, dental materials science, periodontology and oral surgeryshow more

the dental reference manual 2016 a daily guide for students and practitioners

geraldine m. weinstein


this book is designed to meet the needs of both dental students and dentists by providing succinct and quickly retrievable answers to common dental questions. students will find both that it clearly presents the particulars which should be familiar to every dentist and that it enables them to see the big picture and contextualize information introduced to them in the future. practicing dentists, on the other hand, will employ the book as a daily reference to source information on important topics, materials, techniques, and conditions. the book is neither discipline nor specialty specific. the first part is wide ranging and covers the essentials of dental practice while the second part addresses individual specialties and the third is devoted to emergency dental treatment. whether as a handy resource in the student s backpack or as a readily available tool on the office desk, this reference manual fills an important gap in the dental more

essentials of dental assisting

debbie s. robinson


focusing on the core clinical skills and knowledge necessary to become a practicing dental assistant, essentials of dental assisting, 6th edition, is the perfect resource to help you succeed in this fast-paced program. fully updated to include the latest procedures and trends, this practice resource has been specifically designed and written to help you easily grasp the most important information. plus, with its vivid step-by-step procedures, practical application exercises, learning aids, and built-in study tools, you'll have the everything you need to master the essential skills and start a successful and rewarding career as a dental assistant!show more

dental practice health check

lesley bailey


"dental practice health check" helps dental practice owners improve their business. it is concise, practical and ideal for day-to-day reference. sound, evidence-based principles are offered to assist practice owners in becoming better people managers, drive revenue and profitability through marketing and customer service, and ensure the business has robust systems and procedures to support its operation. by encouraging practice owners to step back and review their current business practices, the book examines ways of making the dental business more rewarding in the long run – maximising opportunities, and supporting revenue and profitability."dental practice health check" is highly recommended for principal dentists and dental practice managers, including those undertaking training. associate dentists interested in purchasing or starting their own practice will find the information enlightening, as will accountants and legal firms with dental clients, as well as banks and other financial more

churchills pocketbooks clinical dentistry

crispian scully


the new edition of this highly successful pocketbook offers readers with the essentials of clinical dentistry in quick reference format. fully updated and now in full colour throughout, churchill's pocketbook of clinical dentistry 4e includes a wealth of useful, clinically relevant information, accompanied by an extensive artwork programme, colour coded treatment algorithms, tables and 'pull out' boxes, as well as quick reference guides to normal values. authored by a team of experienced clinicians and teachers from individual specialities, churchill's pocketbook of clinical dentistry 4e will be ideal for all dental students, and newly qualified dental practitioners, both from within the uk and more

smile beautifully the ultimate consumers guide to cosmetic dentistry

smileby kent d. kohli (author)

smile beautifully! the ultimate consumer’s guide to cosmetic dentistry, was written specifically to educate you, the patient, on the critical 6 steps you must learn and apply to take charge of your cosmetic dental treatment plan. in this book you will gain a clear understanding of basic cosmetic dental terminology and consequently elevate your ‘dental i.q. as a result of your reading this book, you will learn to communicate your esthetic treatment goals & aspirations effectively to your prospective cosmetic dentist. you will learn the difference between a dentist practicing ‘on the job training’ in the area of restorative dentistry and one who is experienced, polished and refined- one truly capable of delivering you with the smile of your dreams… a smile design specialist! you will learn the 16 ‘taboo’ questions that you should ask your prospective cosmetic dentist to ensure that you receive a predictable esthetic result in your treatment. you will learn where to find a smile design specialist near you. ultimately, after reading this book, you will experience greater personal satisfaction with your new smile and feel better about your personal appearance. now, it’s your turn to smile beautifully!

there is so little unbiased consumer/patient educational information available on the subject of cosmetic dentistry in this day and age. in an honest effort to provide a solution to this dilemma, which is free from dental manufacturer bias and self-promotion, the following 6 steps will be addressed in great detail, providing you with valuable insight, never before discussed amongst the general public.

cosmetic dental terminology: learn basic dental terminology essential to communicating your specific esthetic goals and expectations in seeking treatment from your prospective cosmetic dentist. learning the ‘cosmetic dental lingo’ will ensure that your vision of your new smile is not lost in translation…

how to get the best from your cosmetic dentist: you will learn how to get the very best results from your cosmetic dentist, including how to make certain that he or she is using the best laboratory partner who will custom-craft your artistic and functional restorations which will become your new smile.

16 questions to ask your prospective cosmetic dentist: you will learn the 16 ‘taboo questions’ that you must ask your dentist to determine if you can entrust the restoration of your smile to him/her or if you should seek out a more experienced and qualified professional.

the difference between a highly skilled cosmetic dentist and one who’s not: you will learn and understand the difference between a restorative and cosmetic dentist qualified to restore your smile and one who is practicing ‘on the job training.’ additionally, you will learn where to go to find a specialty- credentialed, professionally-esteemed cosmetic dental team who will exceed your esthetic expectations of your treatment.

smile design reconstruction: the key to predictable, esthetic results! you will learn the 4 critical steps involved in ‘smile design’ reconstruction which your dentist and laboratory partner should follow in order to ensure a predictable, esthetic outcome on your case. you will learn how to gently, yet effectively share and commit them to follow these 4 steps and as a result, you can expect to attain a much better result in your new smile!

highly skilled smile design specialists: you will be provided with a list of cosmetic dental organization websites where you may go to obtain additional information regarding cosmetic dentistry. these organizations will provide you with a list of qualified, competent restorative dentists who may work with to achieve your esthetic goals in restoring your smile. additionally, i will provide you with the names, websites and contact info of individuals whom i know to be ‘smile

diagnosing dental and orofacial pain a clinical manual

alex j. moule
diagnosing dental and orofacial pain: a clinical manual approaches a complex topic in a uniquely practical way. this text offers valuable advice on ways to observe and communicate effectively with patients in pain, how to analyze a patients pain descriptions, and how to provide a proper diagnosis of orofacial pain problems that can arise from a myriad of sources anywhere from teeth, joint and muscle pain, and paranasal sinuses to cluster headaches, neuralgias, neuropathic pain and viral infections. * helps the student and practitioner understand the diagnostic process by addressing the exact questions that need to be asked and then analyzing verbal and non-verbal responses to these * edited by experts with decades of clinical and teaching experience, and with contributions from international specialists * companion website provides additional learning materials including videos, case studies and further practical tips for examination and diagnosis * includes numerous color photographs and illustrations throughout to enhance text clarity

dental stem cells regenerative potential 2016

barbara zavan

this book focuses on the basic aspects of dental stem cells (dscs) as well as their clinical applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. it opens with a discussion of classification, protocols, and properties of dscs and proceeds to explore dscs within the contexts of cryopreservation; epigenetics; pulp, periodontal, tooth, bone, and corneal stroma regeneration; neuronal properties, mesenchymal stem cells and biomaterials; and as sources of hepatocytes for liver disease treatment. the fifteen expertly authored chapters comprehensively examine possible applications of dscs and provide invaluable insights into mechanisms of growth and differentiation. dental stem cells: regenerative potential draws from a wealth of international perspectives and is an essential addition to the developing literature on dental stem cells. this installment of springer's stem cell biology and regenerative medicine series is indispensable for biomedical researchers interested in bioengineering, dentistry, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, cell biology and oncology.

dental practice transition a practical guide to management 2

david g. dunning

dental practice transition: a practical guide to management, second edition, helps readers navigate through options such as starting a practice, associateships, and buying an existing practice with helpful information on business systems, marketing, staffing, and money management. * unique comprehensive guide for the newly qualified dentist * covers key aspects of practice management and the transition into private practice * experienced editorial team provides a fresh, balanced and in-depth look at this vitally important subject * new and expanded chapters on dental insurance, patient communication, personal finance, associateships, embezzlement, and dental service organizations

avoiding and treating dental complications best practices in dentistry

deborah termeie

complications from dental procedures are inevitable and encountered by all dental professionals. avoiding and treating dental complications: best practices in dentistry is designed to address proper management of these situations in everyday practice. * covers a range of dental issues and complications found in daily practice * written by experts in each specialty * features tables and charts for quick information * includes clinical photographs and radiographs

the dental foundation interview guide with situational judgement tests

zahid siddique, shivana anand, helena lewis-greene
an essential revision guide for final year dental students applying for their dental foundation training within nhs practices. situational judgement tests for dentists offers a step-by-step guide to the dental foundation training application process. including example situational judgement tests and scenario questions and written by recent graduates and the clinical academic lead at king’s college london dental institute, this handy guide will help you navigate the application and interview process with confidence.
key features include:
* the only situational judgement test book available for dentists
* offers a wealth of practice questions with detailed answers
* covers useful tips on the dental foundation training application process

diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry 3rd edition

stephen j. stefanac; samuel p. nesbit

develop your skills in evaluation and dental treatment planning for all types of patients diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry, 3rd edition provides a full-color guide to creating treatment plans based on a comprehensive patient assessment. using evidence-based research, this book shows how risk assessment, prognosis, and expected treatment outcomes factor into the planning process. new chapters cover patient diagnosis and team-based treatment planning, and a new evolve website includes videos, case scenarios, and decision-making algorithms. written by experienced dentistry educators stephen stefanac and samuel nesbit, this book is the only dental resource that combines patient examination and oral diagnosis with treatment planning.

antibiotica en infecties antibiotica in de tandheelkundige praktijk

l abraham-inpijn

het duel tussen antimicrobiele middelen en micro-organismen is er een dat al jaren de wetenschap bezighoudt. hierover werd in de zestiger jaren van de vorige eeuw nog gezegd dat: in 2000 er geen infectieziekten meer zijn . de strijd dreigt nu te eindigen met een overwinning door de micro-organismen. de negatieve spiraal die is ontstaan wordt onder meer versterkt door: overmatig en ondeskundige antibioticagebruik (zowel in de humane als veterinaire geneeskunde), gebrek aan innovatie met betrekking tot nieuwe antimicrobiele middelen en de grote mobiliteit in vracht en personenvervoer. dit alles naast vakantiereizen, immigratie, ongezonde levensomstandigheden en dit boek gaat in op de veranderende visie ten aanzien van het gebruik van antibiotica. welke oorzaken liggen hieraan ten grondslag en wat zijn de consequenties ook de indicaties waarover in de tandheelkunde nog discussies bestaan komen aan de orde. daarnaast biedt het een op de wetenschappelijke literatuur gefundeerd antwoord op praktische vragen over het gebruik van antibiotica in de tandheelkundige praktijk.
"antibiotica en infecties" is een onmisbaar boek bij het gebruik van antibiotica en profylaxe in de tandheelkunde. deze uitgave is primair geschreven voor tandartsen en overige (tandheelkundige) professionals die te maken krijgen met gebruik van antibiotica in hun praktijk. de auteur prof. dr. l. abraham-inpijn is emeritus hoogleraar inwendige geneeskunde en algemene pathologie aan de faculteit geneeskunde uva, mede ten behoeve van de tandheelkunde. tot op heden is zij verbonden aan de divisie a (interne geneeskunde) van het amsterdams medisch centrum. zij heeft verschillende publicaties op haar naam staan en schrijft regelmatig artikelen voor het vakblad voor de tandarts tandartspraktijk . "

color atlas of common oral diseases 5th edition

robert langlais; craig miller
>featuring over 800 clear, high-quality photographs and radiographic illustrations, this fully updated 5th edition of color atlas of common oral diseases is designed throughout to help readers recognize and identify oral manifestations of local or systemic diseases. the new edition includes expanded and updated content and is enhanced by new images, new case studies, a stronger focus on national board exam prep, and more.
the book s easy-to-navigate, easy-to-learn-from standard format consists of two-page spreads that provide a narrative overview on one page with color illustrations on the facing page. to integrate oral diagnosis, medicine, pathology, and radiology, the overviews emphasize the clinical description of oral lesions, cover the nature of various disease processes, and provide a brief discussion of cause and treatment options.
features: an increased focus on national exam preparation is reflected in end-of-chapter questions, entities, cases, and images.differential diagnosis tables added to each section help students distinguish a particular disease or condition from others that have a similar appearance.coverage of new entities, such as radiopaque lesions of the jaw, have been added.additional content on facial & neck lesions has been added.a greatly expanded radiographs section includes 30 new images and up-to-date content.approximately 85 new images enhance the book s unparalleled photo and illustration student resources: case studies (five per chapter) expand students opportunities to apply what they ve learned to clinical situations. select disease fact sheets and an image bank.a reader-friendly organization presents clinical and radiographic features of common diseases found in the oral cavity according to location, color, surface change, and radiographic appearance.chapter-opening learning objectives help students focus their studies by setting forth what they need to know after completing the chapter.color-coded sections with tabs organize information into logical sections to help students locate information quickly.highlighted key words draw student attention to important studies(80 in all) give students an opportunity to apply their knowledge to clinical situations and prepare for the national board examinations.a comprehensive glossary offers clear, simple definitions for key terms.expanded instructors resources and all-new student resources save instructors time and help students succeed.


review questions for dentistry

hugh devlin

“review questions for dentistry” is an essential exam practice tool designed for undergraduate dentistry students, postgraduate mjdf candidates, and overseas candidates sitting their ores. using the questions as a platform for learning consolidation, this exam preparation guide provides feedback to students to enable them to assess their knowledge and understanding of the subject. features multiple question formats including mcqs, emqs, saqs and find the missing word questions answers include detailed explanations to help expand and consolidate learning the text is divided into two sections; introductory questions and questions exploring the subjects in more detail the book is accompanied by a companion website offering further interactive self-assessment tools

dentistry at a glance

elizabeth kay; elizabeth kay

a fully illustrated, concise and accessible introduction to the study of dentistry central title in the “at a glance” series for dentistry students covers the entire undergraduate clinical dentistry curriculum topics presented as clear double-page spreads in the recognizable “at a glance” style contributions from leading figures across the field of dentistry companion website with self-assessment mcqs and further reading

understanding masticatory function in unilateral crossbites

maria g. piancino; stephanos kyrkanides
>unilateral posterior crossbite is a problem often seen in orthodontic practice, and properly understanding chewing patterns will lead to the most effective treatment program. drawing on their research and available literature, drs. piancino and kyrkanides present a fascinating look at chewing cycles and their role in the functional treatment of unilateral posterior crossbite. describes the physiology and pathology of chewing patterns and muscular activation in humans explains chewing patterns and muscular coordination, and their influence on the growth and harmony of the stomatognathic system clinical instruction for checking and correcting masticatory function and functional asymmetry in order to prevent the relapse of the malocclusion clinical cases walk readers through the treatment of seven crossbites

forensic odontology principles and practice

jane taylor; jules kieser

forensic odontology refers to the science and practice of dentistry which may be applied to help solve litigation in both criminal and civil cases. it is a specialist branch of dentistry that assists the legal system in the handling, analysis and interpretation of dental evidence.
forensic odontology: principles and practice pulls together the very latest research findings and advice on best practice and essential skills, including aspects of forensic science that provide a well-rounded educational experience for the reader. chapters provide coverage of anatomy and morphology, mortuary techniques, physical anthropology, applied forensic sciences, child and elder abuse, and facial approximation. the text introduces the various topics and discusses underpinning philosophies without being an exhaustive historical treatise. appropriate case studies are used to highlight issues, and references to current research are provided to stimulate further reading and research.
written by experienced practitioners in the field, this informative introductory text is invaluable to graduate and undergraduate students, as well as experienced dentists, wishing to gain experience or pursue a career in forensic odontology. this text will be a welcome addition to the forensic odontological libraries of all practicing forensic odontologists.

this item is non-returnable.

orofacial pain an issue of dental clinics

scott s. de rossi

this issue of dental clinics features expert clinical reviews on orofacial pain which includes current information on topics such as clinical assessment of the patient orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders, diagnostic imaging for temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain, differential diagnosis of orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders, intraoral pain disorders, myofascial pain, articular disc and joint disorders, cranial neuralgias, neuropathic orofacial pain, burning mouth disorder, primary headache disorders, persistent orofacial pains, and topical and systemic medications for orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders.

this item is non-returnable.

implant procedures for the general dentist an issue of dental clinics of north america

harry dym
this issue of dental clinics, edited by harry dym, focuses on implant procedures for the general dentist. articles will include: basic principles of implant surgery, maxillary sinus augmentation techniques, surgical techniques for augmentation in the horizontally and vertically compromised alveolus, autologous bone harvest sites, bone morphogenic protein and its application to implant dentistry, soft tissue augmentation for implant surgery, immediate placement and immediate loading: surgical technique and clinical pearls, treatment of peri-implantitis and the failing implant, implant related nerve injury, all on four techniques, ct-guided implant surgery, short implants: are they a viable option in implant dentistry , treatment planning for implant surgery, surface material, implant design and osseointegration, tissue response to implants, and more!

this item is non-returnable.


evidence based womens oral health an issue of dental clinics

leslie r. halpern

this issue of dental clinics features expert clinical reviews on evidence-based women’s oral health which includes current information on topics such as strategic planning for prioritizing oral health gender disparities, oral health gender disparities and systemic health, oral health gender disparities and reproductive health, oral cancer in women, risk assessment and management, tooth loss, dietary behaviors and oral health in women, enamel erosion, violence and abuse, temporomandibular joint disorder, gender differences and the aging and diseased jaw, patient-provider interactions, and pathways to assure evidence-based women’s oral health.

this item is non-returnable.

adjuncts for care of the surgical patient an issue of atlas of the oral maxillofacial surgery clinics

sidney l. bourgeois jr, d.d.s.
this issue of the atlas of the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics focuses on adjuncts for care of the surgical patient. articles will feature peg and j-tube placement; percutaneous tracheostomy; transcutaneous bladder catheterization; central line catheterization; intracranial pressure monitor placement; tube thoracostomy; lumbar puncture/lumbar drain; fast ultrasound for abdominal evaluation; radial and femoral artery catheterization; tracheostomy, and more!