quick reference to dental implant surgery

mohamed a. maksoud


quick reference to dental implant surgery offers busy practitioners quick access to all the essential information needed for successful dental implant surgery from case selection to radiographic examination, scrub-in to post-operative care. * how-to information in a concise, spiral-bound, quick-access format * concrete guidelines for common scenarios before, during, and after surgery * numerous charts, tables, checklists, and callouts * an abundance of stunning, full-color photographs illustrating key points covered * text boxes containing clinical recommendations to help facilitate quick navigationshow more

atlas of implant dentistry and tooth preserving surgery prevention and management of complications

zoran stajcic


this atlas is unique in comparing the two disciplines of dental implant surgery and tooth-preserving surgery with respect to common procedures, problems, and failures and in providing excellent guidance on the prevention and management of complications. the etiology of a wide variety of implant-related and non-implant-related complications and failures is carefully explained. since many complications have their roots in oral and periodontal surgical maneuvers, these maneuvers are themselves discussed and extensively illustrated. the most frequently used tooth preservation procedures are also fully described, with emphasis on correct surgical technique as a means to avoid complications. the use of these procedures is constantly weighed against the effects of tooth removal and insertion of dental implants. the text is complemented by the inclusion of a substantial number of helpful references.while the atlas is intended primarily for dentists involved in outpatient implant dentistry and oral surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will also find the descriptions of innovative techniques or maneuvers to be of interest, including those relating to the selection of incision and flap design and the sinus floor elevation techniques.show more

evidence based implant treatment planning and clinical protocols

steven j. sadowsky


evidence-based implant treatment planning and clinical protocols provides a systematic approach to making treatment decisions and performing restorative procedures. * offers a clinically relevant resource grounded in the latest research * applies an evidence-based approach to all aspects of implant dentistry, including maxillofacial prosthodontics, from planning to surgery and restoration * describes procedures in detail with accompanying images * covers all stages of treatment, from planning to execution * includes access to a companion website with video clips demonstrating procedures and the figures from the book in powerpointshow more

mcq in implant dentistry

mohammed jasim al-juboori
this guide will walk you through two aspects of implant dentistry: mainly the basic and clinical parts. in the basic chapter, readers deal with basic science that is needed and related to implant dentistry from the anatomy, histology, and biology of this specific field of study. the clinical part will go through the treatment planning, pre-surgical guidelines, surgical techniques, prosthetic procedures and maintenance phase of implant dentistry. this review will help students advance their knowledge and understanding of implant related subject material. at the same time, it presents them with a guide on how and what to read in chronological order. comprehensive coverage of all subjects related to implant dentistry includes both entrance and advanced levels of knowledge. the questions are composed in a discernible language easy enough to understand. suggested reading provides sound articles and books that allow suggest further reading. mcq in implant dentistry is an excellent and accessible guide that will appeal to prosthodontists, general dentists, implant surgeons, and dental students. this is the first mcq book in the field of implant dentistry that gathers the basic and clinical components from several books and updated articles. (imprint: nova biomedical)

evidence based implant dentistry 2016

oreste iocca


this book covers all aspects of implant dentistry, presenting up-to-date information that reflects the highest level of scientific evidence as presented in the specialized literature. among the topics addressed by expert authors are the prognosis of natural tooth versus implant restorations, bone response to implant treatment, placement and loading time, implant design and length, platform design, implant abutments, prosthodontic treatment, reconstructive surgery, and periimplantitis. the amount of data available for the clinician working in the field of implantology is huge and constantly increasing. the task of remaining abreast of the latest evidence and applying it effectively in clinical practice is further hindered by the fact that many scientific papers make contradictory claims and contain methodological flaws and biases that generate confusion and lack of reliability. against this background, evidence-based implant dentistry will serve the reader as a dependable and scientifically supported guide to current implant treatment and key issues in the field.show more

the painful dental implant patients guide to peri implantitis

painful dentalby h. ryan kazemi dmd (author)

this book, the painful dental implant, is written to help patients understand peri-implantitis, the most common complication and cause of pain with dental implants. you will learn why peri-implantitis happens, why it may be on the rise, how to prevent it, which treatments work. additionally, you will learn how to choose the right team of dentists who can deliver remarkable results with less complications. if you are experiencing pain related to your dental implants or are currently considering dental implant treatment, this book is for you.

dental implants an evolving discipline an issue of oral and maxillofacial clinics of north america

alex m. greenberg
>this issue, edited by dr. alex greenberg, reviews current clinical information in “dental implants: an evolving discipline.” articles will include: current concepts for the biological basis for dental implants;
digital technologies for dental implant treatment planning and guided surgery; simple bone augmentation for alveolar ridge defects; complex bone augmentation for alveolar ridge defects;
maxillary sinus bone augmentation techniques; fixed dental implant prosthodontics; removable dental implant prosthodontics;
immediate extraction placement of dental implants; esthetic site development with bone graft and guided bone regeneration;
complications from dental implants: hard tissue; ct scanning and diagnosis for dental implants, and more

complications in implant dentistry an issue of dental clinics of north america

mohanad al-sabbagh
with implant dentistry comes potential complications. this issue is devoted uncovering and treating these complications. articles will include: use of cbct to detect early implant failure, neurosensory disturbance after dental implants, peri-implantitis, risk factors for implant failure, complications after implant placement, complications of sinus lift for implant placement, complications of implant retained prosthesis, esthetic failure, prosthetic failure, implant failure after immediate placement, biologic markers in failing implant, and more.

this item is non-returnable.

minimally invasive dental implant surgery

daniel r. cullum; douglas deporter

“minimally invasive dental implant surgery” presents a new clinical text and atlas focused on cutting edge and rapidly developing, minimally invasive treatment modalities and their applications to implant dentistry. centered on progress in imaging, instrumentation, biomaterials and techniques, this book discusses both the “how to” as well as the “why” behind the concept of minimally invasive applications in implant surgery. drawing together key specialists for each topic, the book provides readers with guidance for a broad spectrum of procedures, and coalesces information on the available technologies into one useful resource. “minimally invasive dental implant surgery” will be a useful new guide to implant specialists and restorative dentists seeking to refine their clinical expertise and minimize risk for their patients.

marketing implant dentistry

marcus hines

a large percentage of skilled dental professionals lack the tools and comfort level required to market themselves and their dental implant practices effectively as a consequence, these dental professionals miss several opportunities to help patients and grow their business. even those who recognize the need for marketing often don’t have the experience or training to do so effectively. “marketing implant dentistry” meets this need by giving dentists the tools to better market and promote their practices and to gain case acceptance.”marketing implant dentistry “presents proven approaches for attracting dental implant patients and demonstrates the use of successful communication skills, including verbal and visual aids. this book details multiple examples of patient friendly and professional letters for use in targeting both new implant patients and professional referral sources. readers will learn the benefits of adopting non-traditional approaches such as hosting patient education seminars, as well as cultivating professional relationships with the medical community (physicians) for the purposes of generating untapped referral relationships. best practices in internet and social media marketing, specific to implant dentistry, are also demonstrated so practices can make the most out of these low-cost opportunities.

journal of prosthodontics on dental implants

by avinash s. bidra, stephen m. parel
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journal of prosthodontics on dental implants by avinash s. bidra, stephen m. parel | | 9781119115373 | nook book (ebook) | barnes & noble

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sinus grafting techniques a step by step guide

by ronald younes, nabih nader, georges khoiury

placement of endosseous implants in the posterior maxilla is often difficult because of a lack of supporting bone. sinus augmentation procedures have therefore been extensively used for the treatment of the edentulous atrophic posterior maxilla prior to implant placement. this book describes in detail the most widely used sinus grafting techniques as well as some innovative variations, with full coverage of both lateral and crestal approaches. a key aim is to assist the practitioner in selecting the appropriate sinus grafting technique based on the evaluation of a number of parameters that are described in detail and codified in a simple and practical way. up-to-date information is also provided on grafting materials and on potential complications of sinus augmentation procedures and their treatment.

implant surfaces and their biological and clinical impact

by ann wennerberg (editor), tomas albrektsson (editor), ryo jimbo (editor)

this book provides the reader with the knowledge required in order to understand the chemical, physical, mechanical, and topographical aspects of implant surfaces, as well as their impact on the biological response. common ways to modify implant surfaces are described, and methods for the evaluation of surface properties are presented in an easy-to-read style. experimental results that have contributed to surface modifications relevant for commercial available implants are presented, with emphasis on in vivo and clinical studies. while the focus is primarily on surface modifications at the micrometer and nanometer levels, alterations at the millimeter level are also covered, including thread designs and their possible influence on stress distribution. in addition, it is analyzed how surface alterations have changed the clinical long-term results for certain groups of patients.

cementation in dental implantology an evidence based guide

by chandur wadhwani (editor)

treatment by means of dental implants has become increasingly common, but it is now recognized that cementation during the restorative phase can be the source of significant problems. this book examines in detail the issues associated with cementation in dental implantology, with a particular focus on residual excess cement and its consequences. it provides reliable guidance on cement selection and use on the basis of the latest scientific research. among the topics addressed are microbial aspects of cement selection, new abutment designs, aesthetic considerations, margin placement and the role of radiography. the relation of peri-implant disease to residual excess cement is explored in depth and alternatives to the cementation process are also considered. all of the chapters have been written by leading experts in restorative and surgical dental implantology. the information supplied is guaranteed to change the way in which the dentist thinks and practices.

practical implant dentistry the science and art

practical implant dentistry the science and artby ashok sethi & thomas kaus

practical implant dentistry offers a practical and pragmatic approach to implant dentistry for the discerning practitioner involved in this very exciting field. the second edition of this book describes in detail the clinical procedures required to carry out a broad range of treatments available in implant dentistry today, illustrated by updated full-colour images.

topics addressed range from the management of the failing single tooth to the replacement of hard and soft tissues requiring multiple implants. the book has a methodical and comprehensive approach addressing the diagnostic surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry. it is an invaluable guide for the practitioner embarking on this field. it is essential reading for the experienced implantologist, and is intended to extend the scope of his or her practice.

the sac classification in implant dentistry

the sac classification in implant dentistryby prof. dr. daniel buser and others

the sac classification has been in use by the iti as part of its educational program since 2003. this volume represents an indispensable reference tool for all practitioners when taking decisions in regard to the selection of individual treatment approaches. the clear descriptions and classification allow clinicians to assess the degree of complexity and risk involved in individual cases and the relevant skills required to provide the treatment. this book serves not only as an aid in planning therapy for clinicians but also as a tool for academics when designing implant training programs with incremental levels of difficulty.

clinical success in bone surgery with ultrasonic devices

clinical success in bone surgery with ultrasonic devicesby dr. marie grace poblete-michel

this book presents the practical applications of powerful ultrasonic devices through its technical and surgical aspects. it aims to inform practioners on the imdications, effects and limits of this recent technique by including new protocols. it also provides guiding principles in using these devi ces for an optimal clinical application. many clinical cases illustrate the proposed indications.

implantology in general dental practice

implantology in general dental practiceby dr.lloyd searson and others

increased media attention and research have heightened awareness of dental implants as an option for missing teeth. the general practitioner is now expected to offer implants when discussing restorative treatment with patients.
this book explains current best practice in the principles of patient assessment and treatment planning, implant selection criteria, and surgical and restorative treatment protocols for achieving optimum functional and cosmetic results according to each individual patient’s clinical needs.

fundamentals of implant dentistry

by gerard byrne
fundamentals of implant dentistry is a basic guide to foundational knowledge and skills and their application in clinical practice. more comprehensive than a procedural atlas and more accessible than a specialist reference, this text is an indispensable tool for dental students and clinicians beginning work with dental implants.

fundamentals of implant dentistry provides a concise yet comprehensive look at the basic background and science of implantology and includes practical, evidence‐based instruction on common procedures such as single implant crowns, bridges and overdentures. well‐illustrated with clear line drawings and clinical photos, the book serves as the perfect introduction to this exciting area of dentistry.

implantology made easy

author: chaturvedi tp

this book aims to provide basic information related to implants right from the inception to use in dentistry. it focuses on dental implants used in conjunction with other prosthetic devices. it is designed to help the partially or completely edentulous patient recover normal function, aesthetics, comfort and speech. step by step procedures guide practitioners about the rough challenging clinical situations and assist them in refining their technique. the information in this practical, highly illustrated book reflects the latest treatment planning, implant designs, material techniques and various dental implant systems.

clinical maxillary sinus elevation surgery

clinical maxillary sinus elevation surgeryby

  • dr. daniel w.k. kao is the ceo of washington dental group and also a clinical assistant professor of periodontics at university of pennsylvania school of dental medicine

maxillary sinus elevation, followed by placement of a wide variety of grafting materials, has been the generally accepted surgical protocol for the development of bone in the sinus cavity. over the years, various techniques have been proposed for maxillary sinus elevation, which differ in surgical approach, bone graft materials, and advanced technology application for hard tissue and soft tissue management.

dr. kao and a team of experts begin by discussing anatomy, radiographic image applications and limitations, and then provide step-by-step clinical procedures for the lateral window technique, including piezosurgery, and the trans-alveolar methods, including balloon and controlled hydostatic sinus elevation. also included are chapters on post-operative care and complication management.

the legends of implant dentistry with the history of transplantology and implantology

image descriptionby

  • linkow leonard i

this book represents an important contribution to the literature in a discipline that, up to now, has been vague and confusing, while at the same time controversial. implantology still remains for most of us at the border of the “twilight zone”. those of us who have implanted natural teeth realized that in a relatively short time the roots would resorb. from these observations came the concept of using a foreign substance. today the purity of the material used in implants is not as important as its toleration by the tissues. at the present time we are transplanting entire human organs, including hearts, kidneys and lungs. what is feared and far from being entirely understood is the rejection by the body of these so-called foreign substances. in dental implants we are similarly faced with the process of rejection. however, dental implants, unlike organ transplants, are inorganic, thus eliminating rejection. it is the hope of the author that successful answers will be found so that implantology will be on a firmer foundation. when any technique, dental or otherwise, reaches the threshold of being used by a growing number of practitioners who are experienced in their fields, serious consideration must be given the technical point of view, even though some practitioners may feel it is ahead of its time. such resolute treatise by an innovator, using commonly accepted scientific principles and documentary evidence of trialand-error, success-and-failure decrees must elicit respect for the innovator and the experimentation. the work of this author has been guided by such principles. his books theories and techniques of oral implantology, written several decades ahead of their time, are evidence of such forward-looking activity. all forms of experimentations in any field have always been attempted with confidence; an assurance of success is an integral part of the desires of the experimenter. the majority of our later attempts have been successful. in those later cases where failure resulted, it was not because of basic flaws in the concept of an endosseous implant procedure but because of overenthusiasm in attempting an intervention. but we have learned from our mistakes. this book is a synthesis of my experiences in the field of implantology, and the experiences of many others. it describes many techniques that are successful because they have been carefully designed to be compatible with the laws of nature. it explores the reasons why an implant succeeds or fails, from both operatory and physiologic viewpoints. it prepares the reader for the kind of experience that can be gained only through actual clinical work. it tells the individual operator why the procedures should work; his own experiences based on a thorough understanding of the factors involved will finally prove that they do work. this book is important because the information herein explores what an ever-increasing number of operators are proving is the modern miracle in dentistry.

gold implant dentistry research guide basic translational and clinical research

implant dentistry research guideby

  • ahmed ballo, department of biomaterials, sahlgrenska academy at g teborg university, medicinaregatan, g teborg sweden

this book introduces early career students and researchers to a complete update on various aspects of major methods and techniques used in the field of implant dentistry and guided-bone-regeneration research. this unique book guides the reader through each aspect in great detail, from basic research approaches such as surface-characterization techniques, in vitro experiments, and ethics and regulations for the use of laboratory animals to the application of different animal models in implant dentistry and bone-regeneration research, imaging techniques, computer finite element models, biomechanical methods, analytical methods for the bone–implant interface, and finally to conducting clinical research. (imprint: nova biomedical)

gold biomechanics of dental implants handbook for researchers

biomechanics of dental implants handbook for researchersby

  • murat ehreli

series: dental science, materials and technology

biomechanics is applied to many fields of dentistry including treatments involving the use of dental implants to provide a means for predicting the clinical outcome. several experimental and theoretical approaches are being used to accomplish this goal. this book provides a brief guide to the apprentice, along with the most complete picture of clinical/animal/experimental biomechanical studies related to state-of-art dental implants. this book also includes a brief section related to post and core restorations. (imprint: nova)

plastic esthetic periodontal and implant surgery a microsurgical approach

plastic esthetic periodontal and implant surgeryby

  • otto zuhr
  • marc hürzeler

in this stunning book, the authors blend scientific knowledge and practical experience to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, indications, and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery, focusing especially on minimal soft tissue trauma and maximally perfect wound closure. microsurgery provides clinically relevant advantages over conventional macrosurgical concepts for regenerative and plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery, especially in the all-important esthetic zone. the microsurgical principles and procedures presented in the book are explained step-by-step in meticulously illustrated case examples with large, exquisite images. each case example also includes an illustrated armamentarium of the materials and instruments necessary for the practical implementation of the microsurgical procedure. the book concludes with instructions on how to manage all major complications for each procedure. every periodontist will benefit from the techniques and considerations explained in this landmark text.

the sinus bone graft


  • ole t. jensen, dds, ms, private practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery, denver, colorado

book description

this completely revised and greatly expanded edition offers authoritative recommendations concerning all aspects of sinus bone grafting procedures for rehabilitation of the atrophic maxilla. written for the uninitiated as well as the experienced clinician, this comprehensive clinical monograph also guides readers through the maze of new materials and techniques that have been introduced to improve upon or even supplant this procedure. it answers questions such as whether autogenous bone is necessary and where best to harvest it; which bone substitutes are most effective in regenerating bone and how safe they are to use; what contraindications exist, and what complications might be expected; what characteristics of size/shape/surface morphology are most important in choosing an implant; and many others. the last section of the book explores the future prospects for genetic engineering and other gene-based therapies that may one day eliminate the need for bone grafting.

customer reviews

a concise text on sinus grafting september 11, 2008

dr. jensen presents a very well organized text on one of the most frequently used bone graft procedures in implant dentistry. it is a book for the uninitiated as well as the seasoned implant dentist or surgeon. it illuminates the different grafting options in very great detail, and substantiates them with quality research. this is a “must-have” for any implant dentistry practitioner.

excellent resource!march 3, 2012

this book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about mx sinus surgeries and bone grafts. highly recommended!

the sinus bone graft november 27, 2010

this book is one of the “go to books” for implant dentist. the chapters are written by many leaders in the field in a clear and concise fashion. the knowledge i have obtained has helped me successfully treat many happy patients. this is a must have for the library of every serious oral implantologist. e. richard hughes, dds, faaid, faaip, daboi

product details

  • hardcover: 384 pages
  • publisher: quintessence pub co; 2nd edition (march 30, 2006)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0867154551
  • isbn-13: 978-0867154559
  • product dimensions: 8.8 x 1 x 11.2 inches
  • shipping weight: 3.4 pounds

dental implants in children adolescents and young adults an issue of atlas of the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics


  • george k.b. sándor, md, dds, phd , dr habil , frc dc, frc sc, fac s, oral and m axillofa cial surgery, university o f toronto, toronto, ontario, canada

book description

guest editors george sandor and robert carmichael provide cutting edge tutorials on implant surgery in young patients. this highly illustrated issue will cover dental implants in young patients with syndromal and non-syndromal oligodontia, dental anomalies, and cleft lip and palate. other articles include distraction osteogenesis, orthognathic surgery, and rehabilitation of trauma.

product details

  • hardcover: 240 pages
  • publisher: saunders; 1 edition (april 18, 2008)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 141605832x
  • isbn-13: 978-1416058328
  • product dimensions: 15.5 x 8.6 x 0.5 inches
  • shipping weight: 1.6 pounds

free 20 years of guided bone regeneration in implant denistry


daniel buser, dds, prof dr med dent, professor and chairman, department of oral surgery and stomatology, school of dental medicine, university of bern, bern, switzerland

book description

this completely revised and updated edition of the bestselling book guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry brings the reader up-to-date on the developments in gbr over the past 20 years. the first four chapters focus on the basic science of gbr in implant dentistry. these chapters help the reader to understand the biologic and biomaterial background of this well-documented and well-established surgical technique in implant dentistry essential knowledge for the use of barrier membranes in patients. the second half of the book focuses on the clinical applications of gbr. each chapter presents specific indications and describes the criteria for patient selection, the step-by-step surgical procedure, and aspects of postoperative treatment. these five clinical chapters reflect the immense progress of gbr in the past 10 to 15 years and the current clinical status of gbr in implant dentistry. like its predecessor, this book is a must-have resource for all clinicians with interest and experience in implant dentistry.

customer reviews

  • great read for those interested in graftingaugust 21, 2011
20 years of guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry by daniel buser is a great read for those interested implant dentistry & bone grafting. with use of the evidence-based literature, the first half of the book covers the basics of bone physiology, properties of different barrier membranes / types of bones used, indication of different donor sites & possible complications. the second half of the book is clinically based, presenting different bone harvesting techniques, proper use of membranes / flap designs, surgical approaches for treating dehiscence, vertical, horizontal defects. this book is specifically intended for gbr and hence will not discuss other methods of bone grafting (i.e. ridge split, sinus lift, distraction osteogenesis, book flap, etc) or soft tissue manipulation (read soft tissue & esthetic considerations in implant dentistry by anthony sclar). nonetheless, highly recommended.
  • excellent book october 16, 2011
in excellent postal condition, brand new as ever.
this book is must have, must read book you should have as an implantolgist
but i had to pay as usual 16 euro extra on the top of the full price to tnt to get my book
  • this book will make you love periodontics (really) march 16, 2012
this book will transform your hatred of dental school “perio = scaling and root planing” into a real love of the field. buser and his colleagues have produced a very readable and informative guide of the finer points of gbr used in conjunction with implant fixture placement. the treatment philosophy and techniques discussed in this book set the standard for implant treatment planning (from a surgical perspective).

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  • hardcover: 272 pages
  • publisher: quintessence pub co; 2 edition (september 15, 2009)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0867154012
  • isbn-13: 978-0867154016
  • product dimensions: 11.2 x 8.7 x 0.9 inches
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osseointegration and dental implants


asbjorn jokstad, dds, phd, professor and head, discipline of prosthodontics, faculty of dentistry, director of the prosthodontic speciality training, nobel biocare chair in prosthodontics, uo toronto, canada

book description

osseointegration and dental implants offers a comprehensive guide to the state of the art of implant dentistry. based around the proceedings of the toronto osseointegration conference revisisted, it gathers together information on all aspects of implant dentistry and osseointegration, from basic scientific background, such as the biology of osseointegration and the biomechanics of implant surface design, to clinical relevance, such as treatment planning, loading protocols, and patient rehabilitation. this unique book shows implant dentistry as it is today, in all its diverse clinical applications, and provides an expert discussion of what we know, what we think we know, and what we need to find out.
osseointegration and dental implants draws together contributions from some of the leading figures in implant dentistry to provide a broad range of perspectives on the treatment modality that has revolutionized modern dentistry. every aspect — biological, surgical, restorative and post-operative –of dental implants and osseointegration is approached with the same practical, lucid, and clinical tone. this book will give specialists, general dentists, and aspiring dental students a worthy and comprehensive guide to the current advances and future direction of the clinical practice of implant dentistry and the science of osseointegration.

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  • hardcover: 448 pages
  • publisher: wiley-blackwell; 1 edition (january 27, 2009)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0813813417
  • isbn-13: 978-0813813417
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advanced implant therapy vol 12


sascha a. jovanovic, dds, ms, lecturer and course director, implant dentistry, ucla continuing dental education, academic chair and founder of gide.

product description

the best of series global institute for dental education

vol 1:

3rd edition of volume i – over 9,000 copies sold worldwide.

the live clinical dvd series presents advanced clinical procedures performed live by world-class clinicians on actual patients with full narration. this dvd volume i is focused on current topics in implant dentistry and is updated, including more final long-term prosthetic results. it has 7 surgical procedures, introductory, reentry and follow-up footage and is published in 5 languages. 75 minutes total running time.

‘….a fantastic tool for details of surgical techniques….’
‘….well made and has all the latest material included….’
‘….clear, simple presentation with sophisticated procedures….’

this dvd is volume i in the advanced implant therapy series and is focused on several current topics in implant dentistry. it features 5 clinical patient cases highlighting 7 procedures with diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical solution. all are presented with the highest quality digital video, close-up, edited and fully narrated throughout.
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immediate tooth replacement and restorative follow-up treatment; palatal connective tissue harvest and soft tissue augmentation; ramus bone harvest with trephine technique and important anatomical landmarks; block bone grafting in posterior mandible and subsequent 3 implant placements; scalloped implant placement with simultaneous gbr procedure, oral plastic surgery and restorative follow-up treatment.
vol 2:

  • learning objectives:
    • identify the various techniques for ridge augmentation, the indications and contraindications
    • demonstrate step-by-step surgical procedure of distraction osteogenesis for hard and soft tissue augmentation
    • plan and perform different ridge augme
  • content:
    • this dvd features 4 clinical patient cases with a total of 9 procedures performed over the course of the patients treatment. all are presented with the highest quality digital video, close-up, edited and fully narrated throughout.
    • horizontal bone augmentation, vertical bone augmentation, chin bone harvest, distraction osteogenesis, implant placement in grafted bone, gbr with simultaneous implant placement, membrane removal and mucogingival surgery.

languages: this dvd is published in english with japanese, french, italian, spanish and russian translation. region free and ntsc format and is playable in any tv dvd player or computer dvd player.

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  • publisher: gide
  • total length: approximately 3 hours
  • language: english
  • frame rate: 29 frames/ second
  • dimension: 640 x 480
  • total bitrate: 1625 kbps
  • file size: 2.00 gb