lasers in restorative dentistry a practical guide

olivi, giovanni, olivi, matteo (eds.)

this book presents the state of the art in the use of laser in restorative dentistry. after discussion of relevant background, basic physics and laser types, the full range of clinical applications is covered with the aid of more than 600 clinical photographs, charts, and tables. in addition to conventional indications, newer operative procedures that reliably yield favorable outcomes are carefully described step by step. the authors’ own research findings and clinical cases are included in the book, which also provides a complete, up-to-date review of the international literature on laser adhesive dentistry.

lasers in restorative dentistry will be a valuable guide for general dentists who use the laser in their daily practice and are seeking advice on how to improve the quality of their work. if you are a new, experienced, or even advanced laser user, this book will be an exceptionally useful resource. enjoy delving into the wonderful world of laser dentistry!

gold restorative dentistry 2nd edition


  • a. damien walmsley, bds, msc, phd, fdsrcps, professor of restorative dentistry, the university of birmingham, consultant in restorative dentistry, south birmingham primary care trust, birmingham, uk;
  • trevor f. walsh, dds, bds, msc, fdsrcs(eng), professor of restorative dentistry, the university of sheffield, consultant in restorative dentistry, sheffield teaching hospitals nhs trust, sheffield, uk;
  • philip lumley, bds, mdentsc, phd, fdsrcps, professor of endodontology, the university of birmingham; consultant in restorative dentistry, south birmingham primary care trust, birmingham, uk;
  • f. j. trevor burke, dds, msc, md,s fds, mgds, rcs(edin), fdsrcps(glas), ffgdp(uk), professor of primary dental care, the university of birmingham; consultant in restorative dentistry, south birmingham primary care trust, birmingham, uk;
  • a. c. shortall, bds, dds, fdsrcps, ffdrcs, reader in restorative dentistry, the university of birmingham; consultant in restorative dentistry, south birmingham primary care trust, birmingham, uk;
  • richard hayes-hall, bds, dgdp(uk), lecturer in conservative dentistry, the university of birmingham; associate specialist in restorative dentistry, south birmingham primary care trust, birmingham, uk;
  • iain pretty, bds(hons), msc, phd, mfds, rcs(edin), senior lecturer in restorative dentistry, dental school and hospital manchester, manchester, uk

this title has been authored by practitioners working in the uk and is a concise textbook of restorative dentistry for the dental student. illustrated in color throughout, the book covers the specialties of restorative dentistry – operative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and prosthetic dentistry – in a single volume.

new to this edition

  • new chapters on cariology and on immediate and complete dentures
  • occlusion chapter completely rewritten and simplified
  • expanded patient examination chapter
  • new sections at the end of each chapter covering more advanced techniques

key features

  • treatment planning section demonstrates the integration of the main constituent specialties in the treatment of patients with multiple problems.
  • realistic case studies illustrate useful day-to-day practice.
  • high quality colour illustration throughout with free use of key point boxes and tables.

restorative dentistry an integrated approach


peter jacobsen, mds (lond), fdsrcs (eng), fhea, reader in restorative dentistry, division of adult dental health, wales college of medicine, cardiff university, cardiff, uk;

product description

restorative dentistry: an integrated approach presents the core of knowledge that forms the basis of clinical practice in restorative dentistry.the book contains a practical common–sense approach to clinical problems structured within the limitations imposed by the patient and the ability and facilities of the dentist. subjects included in the book are periodontology, endodontics, dental biomaterials, oral biology and pathology, and fixed and removable prosthodontics. however restorative dentistry offers a somewhat unique approach in that it integrates the basic sciences that are fundamental to clinical practice rather than having separate sections or expecting readers to consult other texts for basic information. the integration means that there are not separate sections on the specialist subjects but aspects of these topics are distributed throughout.this second edition is full colour throughout. it has been fully revised with two brand new chapters on implantology bringing the book up to date with emerging technologies and developments in clinical procedures and materials.


customer reviews

a bargain!, 27 mar 2010
a great overview as well as providing detail in all areas of restorative dentistry for finals examinations. the implants section is particularly good and fills in the gaps that master dentistry doesn’t.

product details

  • paperback: 352 pages
  • publisher: wiley-blackwell; 2nd edition edition (20 mar 2008)
  • language english
  • isbn-10: 1405167998
  • isbn-13: 978-1405167994
  • product dimensions: 18.8 x 1.8 x 24.6 cm

clinical cases in restorative reconstructive dentistry


gregory j. tarantola, d.d.s., clinical director, department of education, the pankey institute for advanced dental education in key biscayne, florida.

book description

wiley-blackwell’s “clinical cases” series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. clinical cases in restorative and reconstructive dentistry describes the principles and demonstrates their practical, every-day application through a range of representative cases building from the simple to the complex and from the common to the rare. this unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from infant oral health to complex pulp therapy. highly illustrated in full color, clinical cases in restorative and reconstructive dentistry’s format fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case-based examinations.

the book presents actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in restorative and reconstructive dentistry. the book begins by laying the groundwork of the fundamental principles that apply to all cases and outlining the ten decisions to be made with all cases. the main sections of the book cover the cases themselves, examining them both by type of restoration / solution, and by type of problem. this unique approach enables the reader to build their skills, aiding the ability to think critically and independently.

clinical cases in restorative and reconstructive dentistry’s case-based format is particularly useful for pre-doctoral dental students, post-graduate residents and practitioners, both as a textbook from which to learn about the challenging and absorbing nature of restorative and reconstructive dentistry, and also as a reference tool to help with treatment planning when perplexing cases arise in the dental office.

editorial reviews

about the author

gregory j. tarantola, d.d.s. is former clinical director of the department of education at the pankey institute for advanced dental education in key biscayne, florida. in january of 2002, he opened a full time restorative practice and now lives and practices in jacksonville, florida. he also continues to lecture around the country and around the world on comprehensive, masticatory system dentistry in a relationship based setting.

product details

  • paperback: 488 pages
  • publisher: wiley-blackwell; 1 edition (september 7, 2010)
  • language: english
  • isbn-10: 0813815649
  • isbn-13: 978-0813815640
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